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Bravo Airsoft High Performance Motor Brushes
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G&G High Torque Airsoft Motor - Short
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More Information:

Motors are rated on 2 main scales, foot pounds or torque, and RPM or speed. Torque motors generally rotate slower than speed motors, but can pull more weight when turning. Speed motors have higher revolutions per minute and can get up to higher speeds, but are not as strong as the torque motors. Most stock motors are standard motors. These motors have an even balance between torque and speed.

Torque Motors

Torque motors are designed with stronger magnets and are able to turn with more force than a standard motor. These motors are used in high fps builds or as an upgrade that deals better with the stress a gearbox imparts on it. Upgrading to a torque motor will allow players to use a strong spring, and may increase the ROF and trigger response of their AEG a bit. To check if a motor is a torque type, twist the pinion gear with your fingers. If it is hard to move, it is a torque motor.

Speed Motors

Speed motors are specialized to run at higher RPMs than standard motors due. This kind of motor is often used in speed or high ROF builds or speed builds but cannot handle harder springs that generate higher fps. To test if a motor is a speed motor, spin the pinion gear. If it is easy to spin and keeps rotating after release, it is a speed motor.

Motor Axel Length

There are 3 different lengths of AEG motors, short, medium and long types. Different airsoft models, and rarely manufactures, use these different lengths to fit each motor in the body. Long type motors are common with V2 gearboxes, medium type motors aver very rarely used, and short type motors are common to V3 gearboxes.
  • AK AEGs - Short Type Motor
  • M4 AEGs - Long Type Motor
  • MP5 AEGs - Long Type Motor
  • SIG 550-2 - Medium Type Motor
  • P90 AEGs - Long Type Motor
  • M249 AEGs - Short Type Motor
  • SCAR AEGs - Long Type Motor
  • AUG AEGs - Short Type Motor
  • UMP AEGs - Short Type Motor
  • M14 AEGs - Short Type Motor
  • PSG1 AEGs - Medium Type Motor
  • L85 AEGs - Long Type Motor
  • Thompson AEGs - Long Type Motor

Batteries And Motors

A battery will greatly change how an airsoft motor performs. The higher the voltage and amperage, the great the power being fed to the motor. It is important not to go too high in battery power, as airsoft motors can only take a maximum of 12V DC, and should not be run over 5 Amps. If a motor grows hot, it is either because the motor is struggling with the load that is being put on it, or too much power is being dumped in and frying the motor.